Sunday, April 22, 2018

Puppet Master: Axis Termination review

Hi everyone I'm Jack Red, a while back I reviewed most of Puppet Master movies including the unofficial crossover. I bet some of you who probably are big fans of Full Moon movies wants to know my thoughts. Obviously we are still waiting for the reboot movie to come out that has some involvement from Full Moon.

I felt now is the time to talk about the most recent entry in the franchise. Puppet Master: Axis Termination lives up to it's name in many ways. Don't worry folks this movie is great I got a lot to say about it. Of course there are a few things I want to make clear first. Originally they aired it in three parts exclusive on their subscription service before fully airing it on there prior to DVD & Blu Ray release.

The first good thing I must say about it has to be the cover. WOW look at that cover since it clearly had a lot of work put into it. Most Puppet Master covers doesn't stand out like this. The conclusion to Axis trilogy about the puppets killing Nazis for the United States. To sum up all three of these movies happened shortly after the beginning of the original Puppet Master.

A lot of fans donated money towards to the making of this movie. In fact most Nazis killed in this movie are fans that were all promised to die horrible, brutal deaths. When they said this will be the bloodiest they meant it. A nice concept about psychic people fighting against each other. Like the previous entry, we also have puppets fighting against each other.

I felt this stands out more than the other Axis movies. I would say it has one of the best stories in the entire franchise. It also has one of the absolute best puppet masters ever. This guy does an amazing job leading the puppets into battle. I also like Blade's tribute to Re-Animator since Full Moon had some involvement with that movie.

Hard to believe this is technically the eleventh movie ignoring the unofficial crossover. I am still surprised how many people die in this movie. I already knew how dangerous these puppets were before seeing this movie. WOW Full Moon doesn't hold back on it's best franchises. I love everything about Puppet Master: Axis Termination.

For a movie funded mostly by fans, we really got our money worth of gore. Sadly Torch once again got removed before appearing again. It is a real shame since he is one of my absolute favorite puppets. Most original puppets looks very good in this movie. Spoiler alert the main characters from the previous two movies dies very early on.

This movie screams exactly what Full Moon movies stands for. Possibly one of their greatest sequels ever made. In my opinion they really put their best foot forward. Not trying to piss anyone off with this statement. It seems like the company is more focus on making Evil Bong movies than Puppet Master series.

Let's be honest without Puppet Master series, they wouldn't still be around today. I also like the story line of the franchise. The acting is hands down one of the best in the franchise too. This movie really doesn't disappoint at all. A very solid entry for a legendary killer toy franchise. I grew up loving this franchise thanks to a friend.

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